about gonioLabs

GonioLabs was founded by Mikael Lindstrand January 2007, to commercialize scientific research findings in the field of paper product optical characterization. In 2008 the commercialization focus switched to the document security industry. Since 2010 Mikael also doubles as an independent consultant.

Mikael Lindstrand has a background in R&D, including experience from large organizations of the Swedish paper industry. The focus then was on characterizing product end properties related to print quality and the topic of instrumental measurement in relation to results from perceptual evaluation especially dealing gloss and gloss variation has been in his interest during the years in the paper industry.

Optical Document Security (ODS) industry

In 2008 the commercialization focus shifted from the paper industry to the document security industry. This change was inspired by the engineering mindset of a software architect. By generalization, the tool at hand may with minimal modification facilitate the operation in a wider and potentially more relevant context of application.
Hence, minor modifications in the measurement methods and equipment made it capable to characterize also optical variable devices (OVDs), a product of the highest relevance to the optical document security (ODS) industry. OVDs are used in travel documents (passports), bank notes and other high value documents.

doubling as a consultant

Since 2010 Mikael, at times, also doubles as an independent consultant in the areas of business development, requirement analysis, delivery management (IT development), and data science (capture, analysis, visualization of data, and predictive modelling).

“gonioLabs” – multi-angle, multi-aspect, multi-view analysis

The name of the company gonioLabs is inspired by the idea and principle of goniophotometry, where measuring the same entity from multiple different aspects or angles renders a higher level of understanding. This measurement principle is at least 260 years old (a detaild description may be found in P. Bouguer, Traité d'optique sur la gradation de lalumiere (Ouvrage posthume de M. Bouguer), M. l'Abbé De La Caille, Paris, 1760, or in an English translation P. Bouguer,Optical treatise on the gradation of light (W. E. Knowles Middleton), University of Toronto Press, Toronto, 1961.). Nevertheless, the power of this analysis principle is of fundamental importance and should not be underestimated. Therefore, it is of no surprise that the information gathering principle can be generalized beyond the fundamentals of optical based characterization and applied to other fields of handcrafts. This has inspired Mikael to adopt the idea also in the consultant services, especially evident for workshops, requirement specification but also analysis activities in a wider context. Take away: It is often more effective and efficient during analysis, nurturing insights in search for a solution to approach a challenge from a range of different angles than fiercely trying from the initial angle of approach.

GonioLabs - utilizing a multi-angle, multi-aspect, multi-view analysis approach.

degree and patens

Lindstrand has a MSc in Computer Science and Engineering, a Tech Lic - the thesis focusing on both detailed characterization and visualization of gloss variation in paper surfaces, and a PhD in Computer Science, the thesis focusing on characterization, analysis and visualization of OVD in relation to human based evaluation. The work has rendered three patent families (multiple countries), two measurement-oriented and one visualization-oriented patent.

Photo: Jonas Henning