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Optical Variable Devises (OVDs) are key security features in Passports, bank notes and other Optical Documents Security (ODS) products. OVDs are challenging to characterize in detail as they change their motifs with inclination, under a high resolution and high contrast.

GonioLabs, as a fully independent company, offers optical characterization and visualization methods for OVDs to facilitate monitoring, authentication and product development, for the ODS industry. One feature of gonioLabs systems is the ability to handle the significant aspects influencing a human based inspection of OVD features with a high fidelity.

GonioLabs' multidimensional and High Dynamic Range (HDR) color prototype measurement equipment of spatial and angular resolution includes innovative algorithms to achieve the necessary high contrast sensitivity function of the imaging sensor.

Furthermore, the information content (Entropy) of characterized OVDs and OVD production limitations, in combination, opens for OVD based novel applications of Physically Unclonable Functions (PUF). This is of significance, as it generalizes the applicability of established OVDs to facilitate multimodal verification, including PUF verification. The OVDs thereby transforms into a combined PUF first line inspection facilitating security feature.

The methods and prototype measurement equipment are invented, developed and implemented by gonioLabs.

These claims are further justified in a PhD thesis from 2018, by Mikael Lindstrand, gonioLabs.

Mikael also provide services as an independent consultant in the areas of business development, requirement analysis, delivery management (IT development), and data science (capture, analysis, visualization of data, and predictive modelling).