GonioLabs recognized by authoritative security document organization

GonioLabs' services and its potential described in the authoritative security document newsletter Holography News

At the 2008 Optical Document Security conference in San Francisco in January, Mikael Lindstrand of gonioLabs (Sweden) unveiled the company’s scanning equipment in his presentation entitled “Spatially and Angularly Resolved High Dynamic Range Reflectance Measurements for Forensic Document Inspection”, which provided a detailed graphical description of the optical characteristics of DOVIDs. In this article, conference chairman Rudolf van Renesse reviews the system and its potential applications.

Van Renesse, R. “GonioLabs' Novel DOVID Reader”, Holography News, 22(4), 4-5, 2008.


Posted  2008-06-12  by  Mikael Lindstrand