PhD defense during fall 2018, gonioLabs in outlook for consultant service assignments

After much effort, the PhD defense will be held by Mikael Lindstrand gonioLabs, in the fall of 2018, preliminarily during October at Campus Norrköping, Linköping University. GonioLabs can therefore again offer consultancy services.

As the PhD defense is approaching and a less intense period including a number of administrative pauses (time for printing, evaluation committee preparation time etc.), Mikael Lindstrand gonioLabs will again double as an independent consultant in the areas of business development, requirement analysis, and as a general analyst.

The consulting activities will improve gonioLabs’ financial stability as an independent company. Thereby gonioLabs will achieve the financial endurance required commercializing scientific research findings, within the field of optical measurement methods.

Posted  2018-05-09  by  Mikael Lindstrand